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Lead Staff

Dr Cameron Tonkinwise
Chief Executive Officer

Cameron Tonkinwise's main focus is teaching and curriculum development, having initiated and delivered many of EDF's courses over the last six years for undergraduates and professionals. He is committed to developing innovative teaching strategies, his PhD thesis having been concerned with the philosophy of learning. Cameron is editor of EDF's e-newsletter, Sustainments IE, which critically comments on current design, cultural, economic and scientific developments. He has worked on a range of research projects, conducting ecological assessment of things as diverse as plastics, timber, water heating systems and carbon trading schemes.

Abby Mellick

Abby Mellick has brought her background in cultural theory to EDF research projects on design and communication technologies, including exploration of the impacts of EMR and electronic waste. She has wide teaching expertise in design theory and especially in the area of 'ecology of the image', which is the subject of the PhD thesis she is currently working on.

Tara Andrews

Tara Andrews is currently undertaking a masters by research degree focused on dematerialisation design. Tara is the editor of Changes, the newsletter of the Change Design Student Network and is responsible for website maintenance, promotions, member services and Change Design.

Ulrich Trog
Researcher & Admistrator
Ulrich Trog has a background in Engineering Management and education and currently leads EDF research into Small Business Sustainments.

Committee Members

As an incorporated non-profit association, the EcoDesign Foundation has a member-elected Committee that oversees the Foundation's activities and ensures that they are in line with its Articles of Association, that is, are developing sustainability through design research, education, project initiation and consultancy.

The Committee Members for 2002-2003 are:

Anthea Fawcett Senior Planner, Planning NSW (Chair)
Anne-Marie Willis co-Founder of EDF and Director, Team DES (Treasurer)
Abby Mellick Manager, Lecturer, University of Western Sydney
Professor Geoff Caban, Department of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology, Sydney (Member Representative)
Tony Fry, Founding Director of EDF and Director, Team DES (Member Representative)
Gavin Harris, BA Program Director, KvB Institute of Technology (Member Representative)
Keith McMenomy, Designer and Design Educator (Member Representative Peter Lonergan, Architect, Cracknell Lonergan Architects (Member Representative)
Tara Andrews, EDF (Volunteers' Representative)


The EcoDesign Foundation is grateful to the following organisations who have provided funds for specific projects or in-kind donations over the last decade:

Australian Consumers Association, Australia Council for the Arts, BHP Steel, BP Solar, Bosch Australia, Canon Australia, Commonwealth Environment, Protection Agency, CSR Gyprock Bradford, Department of Primary Industries and Energy, Energy Research and Development Corporation, Environment Protection Authority NSW, Environment Australia, Forbo Australia, Herman Miller Australia, Interior Directions, Interlink Commercial Interiors, Kyocera Electronics Australia, J.P. Cordukes, Moirs Paper, Natural Flooring Centre, NSW Chamber of Manufacturers, NSW Department of Energy, NSW Department of Public Works and Services, NSW Sustainable Energy Development Agency, Pacific Power, Plastics Industry Association, Solahart, Stem Industries, Straesser Poli Little Architects, Sydney Electricity, Sydney Water, Telecom, Wattyl Australia,